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NEW [2003-02-08]: Wallpaper section for your desktop...

35 sec. MPEG1 Video&Sound (~ 4.8MB)

[320 x 240 pixels]

More Movie-Formats on the vim.org mirror:
[Quality Rating: *=medium, ..., ****=excellent]

Movie Data Format 320 x 240 pix. 640 x 480 pix.
MPEG-1 (*.mpg) 4.8 MB (see above) ** 7.2 MB (VBR!) ***
DivX 5.02 (*.avi) 4.3 MB *** 8.8 MB ****
Apple Quicktime 5.02 (*.mov) 1.4 MB ** 8.3 MB ***
RealVideo (*.rm) 1.9 MB (Player G2) *
1.9 MB (Player V.9) ***
2.9 MB (Player V.9) ****

Vim - The editor's 3rd dimension“: After using Vim (vi improved) text editor for quite some while now, I nearly do every coding job with it. I love it's speed, syntax-highlighting, programmer's features and documentation. Vim is open-source charityware. This 3D logo animation is my little donation to the vim community and to Bram Moolenaar to say thank you for this great work.
To create this animation, I used the low-price, full-featured character animation software 'Animation Master 2002' by Hash Inc., which exists for Macintosh and Windows platforms (unfortunately no Linux, sigh...). If you want to find out more on the features of A:M2002, visit my "Animation Master Glossary". If you want to see where I found the surface materials, visit my "A:M Material Testrenders" on pixelburg.com.
Any feedback (positive or negative) is welcome...

    Greetings from Germany: Der WOK.

Little still-logos:
145 x 66 pixels

219 x 100 pixels

Wallpapers for your desktop [all 1280 x 960 pixels]

Original frames from the above animation

Vim logo alone, facing straight to camera

Vim logo alone, slightly turned left and up

www.vim.org logo, facing straight to camera

Create your own!
With these transparent alpha-channel TGA images [1600x1200]

License: You may do with these animation videos and still images, whatever you want, as long as you keep my Name and homepage address at the end of the video. You may mirror the files to some other server, you may store them on a commercial CD-ROM, ... whatever! I will in no way be responsible for any damage these movies/images will produce (to your money, brain, eyes or computer hardware or software, etc.). USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Disclaimer: All trademarks mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. Especially Quicktime (Apple Computers Inc.), DivX (DivX Inc.), RealPlayer, RealVideo (Real Networks Inc.), Animation Master (Hash Inc.) and others.

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